Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday's nearly over

Kicked back in bed, enjoying my hot and humid cottage (... not ...), window and room fans going full speed and it's still 71 in here. How I love Summer ...

Budget madness ensues, but I'm tired of sounding like a victim, so no more public whining and crying!

I'm experimenting with my beloved linen stitch -- this is the beginning of a little cuff (about 2" wide). I'm thinking of loop fasteners over beads but might go with a brass button or two. We'll see.

Mostly, I'm heartbroken -- all the rest of this doesn't really matter. I love with all my heart Tiger Lily, my god child (literally!) so very much, first born fuzzy child of my very very dear friends Kris and Rich. Tiger is such a sweetheart -- we bonded immediately on first meeting, when she was just a little handful of fur and energy! Tiger Lil is very ill and is now at home with her beloveds, who are surrounding her with every possible comfort a cherished family member can receive, as well as waves and waves of love. Since I'm tearing up again, I'll stop typing now, but please think good thoughts for Kris, Rich and family (Tiger Lily, Allie, Meepers, Penny, and Talyn and Pilot the birds) and send them your love and prayers during such an unbelievably difficult time for them all.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for the good wishes bren. great pix of my furry fam! We went to Sushi Masters for Rich's birthday tonight, what a bust. It was laughable, horible sushi, poor organization and only enjoyed a tiny bit of the chef's competition. Oh well, win some and lose some. Thrilled Tig's barking away in the front yard, we are home and happy. Plus got some saki Playoffs-go Celtics. and your picture taking is soo cewl. Lob K