Saturday, June 07, 2008

A momentary blip in glory

I took a sanity break Thursday evening to put together a Treasury (Treasuries opened yesterday afternoon). On Friday, I learned we could push out this week's deadline by a week (YAY), and in the midst of those arrangements got this baby listed. Guy treasuries are very hot right now, and I thought this was different enough (the title is "Dude looks like a lady") to make front page.

Lo and behold, it did! At 1am this morning, mind you. And I was still up, working. (Sad, but true)

I love making treasuries because it's 100% about who you're showcasing and not about you at all. I like to get that perspective, just celebrating what Etsy has to offer from others. And as you can see from this, there are so many very talented artists and crafters there!

Back in the saddle again, the reshuffle of deadlines doesn't lessen my load!

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