Thursday, June 05, 2008

New mantra

"I'm not going to let this danged budget kill me," versus "No one has ever died of budget." I'm pretty sure now that people HAVE died from budget, just disguised as heart attack, stroke, etc.

And this is only the first of four budgets to compile, consolidate, present, submit, etc.

June will be fun.

On a cheerier note, I was very pleasantly surprised to see my Soft Hearted Scarflette on Etsy's front page today! And, on an even cheerier note, I'll be shipping it to its new home tomorrow. :)

This was a treasury created by an Etsy administrator, so proof that Treasuries lead to front pages, leading to sales (just not usually that directly for me!).

Bad movies watched while suffering through spreadsheets: "National Treasury II" (what happened to Nicolas Cage's face and hair -- he used to be uniquely handsome??), "Cloverfield" (I would have had a stroke watching this on the big screen, small screen was bad enough and didn't help my impending sense of doom from my week-long budget-induced panic attack), "Spiderman III" (total let down).

But do try to watch Masterpiece Theater's "My Boy Jack" -- brilliant, touching, just wonderful.

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Anonymous said...

Congrats on Etsy front page-dom!

Don't die. Just breathe.