Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Heatwaves and budgets and cupcakes oh my

101 degrees in my town today??? It's almost 10pm, window a/c running full blast, and it's 72 degrees in this room. 85+ and humid in my living room. NEAT. Those who know me well (as well as any passing stranger on the streets) know I can't stand and can't handle anything above 75 degrees. And I grew up in the desert!!! So consider this my public whine to the Universe, and I'll shut up about it now. Hmphhh.

So I always look for the good news along with bad (my Gemini self ...). Finally, truly, completely, the budget submission deadlines are DONE. As of this afternoon! Dear Lord, thank you for keeping me somewhat healthy and marginally sane. Seriously. For real. Amen.

Now when I say "the budget submission deadlines," note what I didn't say was "the entire budget process." Yes..... The entire process will continue through August, with continual changes that I will be requested to make as the budgets are reviewed by higher and higher levels and officials. Then, the final budgets will be released in August (I hope), or September (fiscal year starts on 9/1), and I will then start clarifications and corrections, final final budgets, internal structuring, dissemination, and schedule quarterly budget meetings for each of our groups. The day after that, start the FY10 budget process, cuz I never want to go through this kind of madness again!!!

So what a treat tonight, when I walked up to my door (at 9:03 pm, I'm not very happy to admit) to find a priority box on my step with ... cupcakes! I finally succumbed to what have appeared to be the most beloved sugary treat on Etsy. Wow, oh wow, is all I can say! It would have been nice if I'd thought to take photos of the gorgeously wrapped jars of cupcakes (yes, jars! I know Heather is already furiously thinking about how to do this at home), complete with a stash of plastic forks, bright tissue, precious ribbons around each jar lid, and very carefully packed.

Brilliant!!! I will be a total repeat customer. For those wishing and hoping that I might surprise you in the near to distant future with a cupcake delivery ... you're probably right! Oh, p.s., DELICOUS (I had to try a bite of the "Bare Naked Lemon Lime Cupcake," which very quickly turned into two bites, but I controlled myself and put it in the fridge until I ate dinner). I tell ya, if you have a hankin' for sugar, check these out!!!

10:25 p.m.: UPDATE: OK, so I saved my lemon lime cupcake, instead digging (diving?) into the Envy cupcake. Oh my GOSH. Imagine German Chocolate Cake, but with dark chocolate cake and sans coconut. Imagine butter-rich CARAMEL buttercream smothered with pecans. And imagine caramel and dark fudge layers. I must start an exercise regimen!!!


Anonymous said...

Now *how* did you read my mind like that? Seriously.

Now that you mention it...Angry Chicken did post something about cupcakes in a jar once. And I did get a little bit excited about it. Then I forgot. But now? Now you have unleashed a beast.

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

I'm sooo laughing out loud!!! Phil, Hadley and Amelia will all be thanking me. I just finished the lemon lime one ... OH MY GOSH. Lots of real live lime zest in the frosting ...