Friday, August 22, 2008

Finger stickin' good

I now have the distinction of being one of the many many denizons of our planet with type II diabetes.

I wish I could say I was proud of myself.

But I am very very thankful to be living in times such as these where I have a controllable disease that will also very likely be cured with diet and exercise.

But in the meantime, I wasn't that shocked to find that my hemoglobin A1C (HbA1c) increased by at least one point, meaning, somewhat simplistically, that my average blood glucose for the last three months was greater than 180 mg/dL (normal is 90-100). This actually explains a LOT. That horrible insomnia last week. Itchy, crawly, tingly skin. A bruise that wasn't healing. Super thirsty. Major crankiness. Exhaustion. I should have known better, but couldn't think beyond my work stress to think about diabetes.

So I'm now the owner of a glucometer and a prescription (oral) of new meds. I was terrified, quite frankly, of having to stick my fingers twice a day without fail, let alone once in my entire life.

So I spent nearly an hour tonight learning the ins and outs of my new BFF, and finally, starting at the very shallowest setting (1), did it (after about a gazilion aborted attempts). Didn't even feel it! But also raised less than the tiniest nanodrop of blood. Dang. Tried level 2, and yeah, it hurt a teeny bit, but it was PERFECT. The very perfect amount of blood.

So I'm no longer terrified. I have to stick with this. I have to change my lifestyle, diet and exercise. Keeping my feet attached to my body is important to me. And increasing my risk for cardiovascular disease, stroke, and a host of other issues is just plain dumb. As I learn new tips and tricks for healthier living, I'll share with all of you.

First tip. Sleep. G'night!


glass hole studios said...

WHATTTTTTTTTTTTTT, I've been replaced by a glucometer, that sucks...but I don't stick you twice a day, so I know I still have a place in your daily life. Hugs K

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

The good news is that you're my BFF forever and ever, and this baby's my BFF for as long as I have high blood sugar (hopefully less than a year!) ... so not so forever and ever!

lauren bacchus said...

thanks for sharing this with us Brenda. You always have such an amazing positive outlook on life and what it gives to you.