Monday, August 25, 2008

Life is delicious!

First new diet tip: legumes go with nearly everything!

The one thing I remember from my "diabetes for newbies" class is that meals with 5 or more grams of fiber can have more carbs in that meal (YAY). And legumes are a danged good source of fiber! (I need to find my materials, though, so I know how many carbs!)

So, stocked up on canned (low sodium, thank you) and dried beans this weekend (Whole Foods came through for me in a big way), in addition to mounds of fresh and local veggies (Heather would be so proud).

I'm not so organized yet that I'm counting carbs, but I am adding fiber and healthy proteins to meals. Particularly my personal fave: killer salads!

Last night was arugula with avocado, sliced almonds, chicken, green onion, parsley, splash of meyer lemon olive oil + squeezed half a lemon over it. But didn't get the beans in. I was looking for snacks not too long after, but I am also pleased to report that my blood sugar was great!

Tonight was herbed greens + arugula, avo, sliced almonds, chicken, green onion, parsley, black beans (delish), feta cheese, meyer lemon oo (mloo for the Rachael Ray fans out there), and squeezed a whole lime over it (OH MY GOSH, love love love lime!). I'm definitely feeling more satisfied, but not overstuffed/grossed out. My blood sugar was NOT great this morning (which got me to reading my cereal boxes ... didn't realize there was so much sugar in there!!!), so here's hopes for tonight's.

I love making salads, and folks usually really enjoy my salads. Even Molly! She is an arugula-head ... don't ask me, she takes after her mother, I guess. :D

Had some challenges yesterday with the danged glucometer. I finally found a better way to get that blood drop to come up, resulting in one stick, versus multiples (yeah, I was thinking about taking a stake to that little machine's heart yesterday). Today was gravy -- had my routine down and hardly even thought about it. Yay -- that's exactly what I needed. 'Specially since I'm actually feeling incredibly crummy and stayed home today -- very very tired with very low energy. I'm sure the lupus and the new kid are feeding off each other, and am hoping that as I get my blood sugar under control, the old kid (lupus) will simmer back down. But I also need to see my rheumatologist and make sure this newest development doesn't change my current treatment. OY. Too much doctors!

On another note, I got some good work done today from a prone position on the sofa, and hope you'll see the fruits of my not very energetic labor soon at the shop!

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