Wednesday, August 13, 2008

too weak to lift the camera

Wow, how sad is that??? I'm just dawg tired. All energies focused on year end fiscal close, kitties, and knitting. And ice cream. August doesn't help -- so hot -- ice cream is a must.

I have lots of nifty new things knitted up. They're either blocked and waiting for me to work up the gumption to take photos, or in queue for blocking, or blocked and waiting for buttons. Remember ... dawg tired. I'm in the midst of knitting more nifty new things.

Good thing! Interest in knitware is picking up, despite it being 10 gazillion degrees inside my house. I'm so excited (despite dawg tiredness) for Fall -- can't wait to see how my little shop works when it's not 10 gazillion degrees inside (that's Fahrenheit, by the way).

I'm hoping for a real life vacation, not a pseudo vacation in which I do a lot of work without sleep, in the near future. I was planning for a two week vacation in October (during which I would be knitting without sleep, but that's fun, not work, and would interspersed with these urban myths I keep hearing about, something about buying new clothes in an odd place called a mall, and going to these weird places called restaurants to eat a nice dinner that doesn't come out of a box and a microwave).

Apparently, dawg tiredness doesn't extend to my sarcasm muscles.

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