Friday, August 29, 2008

Weekend teasers

Here's what I'll be sure to post photos of over the LONG weekend (yay!):
  • TONS of new items and designs for Phydeaux Designs, including new knit jewelry (VERY excited about this -- I hope the final product works as envisioned!)!
  • A photo of my freshly broken toe, which I didn't realize was broken until I got home from work today (after hobbling around all day long, wondering why my toe hurt so badly)!
  • A hopefully successful hunt for a no longer being produced yarn that I must have or die!
  • A new recipe I'm salivating to try!
  • Kitties (duh)!!!
Yeah, big old black and blue sausage toe. Couldn't believe it. Particularly can't believe I walked on it all day (though it was getting very difficult to walk near the end of the day). Elevating, ice, soaks. And tylenol. Sleeping will be a challenge.

OH, and massive massive speed knitting (and new designs) in prep for 2.5 holiday fairs, including Bazaar Bizarre (long story, that's the 0.5 day) in San Francisco on 11/30! I'm very excited about this, though now worrying about how fast I can knit! I'll be there after 1:30 -- if you're there, please say hi!


Anonymous said...

Ouch! Good luck with the toe. That's a bummer. Remember mine? I feel your pain. For real.

Good luck with the speed knitting. Holiday bazaars sound like a blast. I'll be lucky to actually get my ETSY shop open in time for Fall and Christmas. And I'm thinking about buying a booth at one bazaar this winter for Hadley's school. I need to get with you on that whole business planning thing. I'm not so good at that.

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

Excellent! I'm excited for you! Contact me any time -- I'll post some links here that will be invaluable reading! :)