Monday, September 08, 2008

Reality crashes

I usually feel like a big old hypochondriac. Lupus? All in my head. Neuropathy? Just exercise more. Diabetes? What do you expect after a lifelong addiction to chocolate! Stress much? Work harder!

So I was a bit shocked this weekend to see a big ugly lesion on my cheekbone, one of the hallmarks of lupus (for those with skin involvement), and something I haven't seen on that scale for more than 10 years. :(

Even then, I poo poo'd it (is that the right spelling), even as I found similar spots on my scalp, even as my joints hurt even more than usual and my chest started hurting, even as I brushed out a small handful of hair over the course of the weekend. Double :(

So, I'm dealing with a Total Body Crash (or TBC). Guess I'll be seeing the doc.

But on the flip side of life, my little shop is doing very well this month! I'm excited and relieved, with all sorts of new ideas brewing underneath this lesiony face and scalp. :)


fringe said...

Brenda, you darling sweet girl, I had no idea you were dealing with these health challenges in your life. You always have such a positive, upbeat spirit at Etsy. I so admire your strength.

I am sending you big hugs and tons of hope that you will overcome this immediate TBC quickly. I'm in your corner, cheering for you!

Isn't it wonderful to have such a successful and rewarding outlet as your shop? Creativity can heal many things, I believe. Congratulations on your success!


lauren bacchus said...

Oh Brenda!

I am really sorry to hear about your recent TBC. :(

I hope that you recover from these new set backs quickly and continue to be amazed at your ability to deal with them so well. You always handle these things with grace and a healthy dose of humor.

I'll be thinking of you.


Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

You are both very very sweet! This is just part of life, the gig I got, and I'm usually OK, but not quite as OK right now. I'm making short term adjustments to cope and look forward to lots of stress reducing playing with fiber and once again creating!

It's also about that time of year -- I always have problems during major weather change (though I cherish the weather change to Fall!), which may have just pushed me over the top with all the other nonsense and stress. :P

Frizz said...

I wish you a swift recovery. Kudos on the shop stuff, it's lovely!

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

Thank you! I love your site and creations so much, I'm tickled!!! :)