Friday, September 19, 2008


One would think it's a delightful twist of fate to be stuck at home, waiting for roadside service to tow your car for repair, on a Friday, rather than go to work.

Quite the opposite!

So, here's a Friday treat to make the waiting less painful ...

Punk soap from Savor! "Punk" for Pumpkin Pie (of course), part of her new Autumn line of absolutely delicious soaps. I can't wait for my very own bar to arrive!

I am a huge Savor fan -- Lisa, the "soapstress" and creative mind behind Savor, creates really unique, beautiful, and beautifully photographed soaps, available in her Etsy shop. She's a foodie (yay foodies!) and bases her delicious soaps on favorite dishes and foods. I love Juice, Summer Rhubarb, Summer Fling (I got the last bar -- but check out her new Black Tea soap), and any of her Creme Fraiches, but Ginger Icing the most of all (oh my gosh, so yummy!).

Girls, your husbands and beaus will not be able to leave you alone if you're smelling this delish! Studies have shown that men are drawn to food fragrances, like vanilla, cookies, etc. Lisa's on to something here!

Check out Lisa's shop and let her know Brenda sent you, if you succumb to temptation! She also has a great Flickr photostream -- check it out!

ADDENDUM: Car and owner are fine, though owner is much poorer and car much healthier.


lauren bacchus said...

I think I need a bar of this soap! It looks good enough to eat.

Happy weekend Brenda!

lauren bacchus said...

ugh, I was so excited about the soap that I forgot to even mention that you were stranded on the side of the road - how awful! I hope everything got sorted out. :)