Sunday, October 26, 2008

Double success and a Savorathon!

First: there's still time to enter the drawing for my Soft Leaf Scarflette!

And! Tonight's the end of my
preholiday sale! Stay tuned for more specials, but I have a lot of goodies marked down right now -- it won't get better than this!

I am so happy! I was up way too late working on reinstalling programs, but ... Photoshop works again! Mind you, I was getting use to Picasa (free download), but dang it, I paid a LOTTA money for Photoshop. Yay! (Crossing fingers and toes)

I'm preparing to trek up to the East Bay to meet my friend Lisa and help her wrap, package, prepare for shipping the eleventy billion soaps that she sold on her one year Etsy anniversary sale this week! (Her sale really was a phenomenal success!) I'm really looking forward to this -- it's so fun to meet someone you've become good friends with via emails, convoes (the Etsy IM/email system), twitter, flickr, etc. I'm perusing the menu of my fave Vietnamese place to bring eats with me. Photos forthcoming, stay tuned!

I keep hearing about cold, blustery, windy, etc. weather. Not so here in California. It's been rather hot, sunny, pretty, but I'm ready for some of that scarf weather too.


Heather said...

You are so sweet to go and help your friend. Will you come help me when I'm a raging success, too?! LOL!

I found Picaso this week and have been LOVING it. I think I can avoid buying photoshop with this, which is good, because Phil would never go for photoshop anyway!!

Better get back to the sewing machine...

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

I love Picaso! I was starting to think I should just use it all the time, but would then remember what I paid for photoshop (though I got academic pricing, given my workplace) ...

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

p.s., :) I'll be on your doorstop when you're a raging success!