Monday, October 27, 2008

Where's Fall and what about my toe???

Sunny, hot, yep ... that's October in California. Come on, Fall! It's a wee bit overcast today ... I'm hoping that's a good sign for me.

Y'know, the toe's not doing well. STILL. I spent a chunk of time at the doctor today, but I'm not being taken very seriously. I'm trying to get in to Podiatry -- they usually take me seriously (given my nerve and circulation problems, you think everyone would be trying to figure this one out!).

I had an incredible time with Lisa (from Savor) yesterday! Pix later ... I'm elevating my foot on the sofa right now. I'll write more about the visit and my adventure getting there later, too (a one-hour trip that took more more than three hours - DOH).

The backyard is filled with birds, the girls are glued to the screen door, my foot is propped up, and I think we're on the brink of Fall.

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