Monday, October 27, 2008

New Contest Cuz I Need Your Help!

Exciting news! Phydeaux Designs will be in a few holiday guides/online market/venues in November and December! I'm working on which items to include, but would love your help.

So here's the contest with a deadline of this Friday, 10/31/08 at 12 noon Pacific Standard Time!

Help me decide which items to include by telling me your favorite three items in my shop in the comments below. Be sure to think of which items you think you'd most likely give as gifts! If you love a previously sold scarf that you don't see in my shop, include it! I may just be waiting for more yarn to knit another.

I'll draw a name from entrants randomly Saturday morning (11/1) and announce it right here. The only persons not eligible to enter are my two fuzzy persons (who haven't mastered the computer anyway).

So what will the winner receive? One of my Soft Neckwarmer/Scarflettes (up to a $30 value), and the choice will be yours! I have at least two new designs arriving in the shop this week, and they'll also be up for grabs.

One entry per person, please (but with your favorite three), BUT you can get bonus entries in the following ways!
  1. One bonus entry if you join the newsletter (current subscribers will automatically receive the bonus entry, if they enter)!
  2. One bonus entry for a referred entrant (maximum one, and they must state in their comments that they were referred by you)!
  3. One bonus entry if you announce the contest in your blog (include the link in your entry comment)!
I hope this will be fun for all of you -- it will certainly be fun for me, and I'm already feeling a little less stressed about which items to choose for these very fun gift guides!

I'll post more about the gift guides as the week progresses.

Thanks all!


Lisa said...

My three!

Spring Meadow Scarf: to me, one of the "essential" Phydeaux looks.

Chili Peppers Scarf: I LOVE the fuzzies.

Teal Chocolate Elegance Scarf: Just simply awesome. Very Diva.

AlliesAdornments said...
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AlliesAdornments said...

I'd suggest using 3 different items, like a cuff, scarf, & scarflette. And nearly everyone looks good in turquoise.
My faves include:
Teal waves scarf, soft cocoa scarflette, and the teal chocolate elegance scarf.
Best of luck!

wzgirl said...

I think that the scarflettes make GREAT gifts - these are the ones that I would choose:

You really offer a wide range, Phy. Good luck to you! xo

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

Thanks ladies! :)

kcara said...

The Forest Floor scarf is very elegant, I think, and it shows beautifully in the first photo.

The Soft Embers scarf is gorgeous, and a lovely warm color for the season.

Autumn Foliage scarf, for the same reason as lisa above, to show the Phydeaux "look", but I prefer darker shades for the winter.

I'd prefer to give scarves to scarflettes as gifts -- who wouldn't like a scarf?! -- but I think everything you've got is gorgeous!

Good luck!

lillyella, uniquely you said...

ok! fun fun...
my top three gift choices would be:

1. Soft Caramels Scarflette
2. Rustic Woods Wrist Cuff/Bracelet
3. Antique Fig Cowl / Neckwarmer

so pretty!!

Im also going to write about your contest on my blog tomorrow when i ALSO feature you in my Favoritesville - Snugglers edition!

Steph said...

My three favourites have got to be:

Any thin/thick merino wool scarf (Oceanus, Evening Woods, Tuscan Vineyard :)!)

The soft gold scarflette

Antique Fig Cowl- loveee the colour!

-mullers on etsy :)

Heather said...

I want to win. :) I can think of three people who would like something from each category. I would list one thing from each section and my choices would be:

Soft turquoise scarflette
Caramel Twist Wristlette
Spun sugar scarf

Good luck making a choise, though, because everything in your store rocks my totally broke ass world.

LoriDelisle said...

Here are my favorite three:

Teal Chocolate Elegance Scarf -- love the colors and texture

Driftwood Scarf -- so soft and pretty looking

Soft Turquoise Scarflette -- I love scarflettes and this one is so pretty

I will be posting this on my blog today too!

Anonymous said...

it's so hard to only pick three, but here goes:

-autumn foliage (BEAUTIFUL colours!)

-urban sierras (i own this one, it's SO soft and the colours go with everything)

-driftwood (this makes me think of my vacations on the outer banks)

heather (etsy id: heatherdyan)

Jamie said...

Antique Fig Cowl
Violet Linen Scarf
Pale Teal Cowl

I'm all about cowls this season. I love them! I hope I win one :)

sewmelody said...

I love your cowls and scarflettes!

Winter Periwinkle Cowl / Neckwarmer
Soft Mulberry Scarflette
Soft Leaf Scarflette

Anonymous said...

My 3 favorites are the following:

Teal Chocolate Elegance scarf - It just looks great, very unique!

Soft Turquoise scarflette - Looks so soft and I love the colour!

Mardi Gras scarf - Love the colours!

mbj_contact (at) yahoo (dot) com

kcara said...

not sure if my handle is connected to my e-mail in the newsletter list... but if not, it's kcarasta (at) telus (dot) net. sorry!

mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

These would be the three!

Hui Shan said...

hmm! I think i'll choose..

Jeweled Scarf

Blue Moss Wrist Cuff / Bracelet

Saltwater Taffy Scarflette/Neckbow

All these are so pretty & have such nice colors!

Hui Shan said...

Melody refered me!

mel*~reachforthestars~* said...

I've just subscribed!!


Hui Shan said...

Just subscribed to your newsletter...

lillyella, uniquely you said...

Ok here is my extra bonus entry!


ehaire said...

My top three are the:

1. Soft Cocoa Scarflette- great for Fall
2. Charred Silk Scarf- love the colors!
3. Soft Film Noir Scarflette- classic

Thanks for the fun giveaway!

Erika (

Wehaf said...

My three favorites:

1) Dijon scarf
2) Cowls/neckwarmers (any solid color; the teal is particularly nice)
3) Butterscotch Mohair Scarflette / Neckwarmer


urchiken at gmail dot com

eNVe said...

My 3 favs are:

1) soft turquoise scarflette
2) soft leaf scarflette
3) charred silk scarf

thanks for a great and exciting giveaway! :)


Yellow Lux said...

I just LOVE the Soft Turquoise Scarfette (which would go so beautifully with my new winter coat). It makes me sigh and daydream.

I also adore the Soft Crimson Scarf/Neckbow, which is so feminine and flirtatious. And the Autumn Foliage Scarf - I can only dream of what that feels like in Alpaca. Just stunning.

I also wrote about your contest in my humble blog. =o)

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

You are all so awesome! Thank you!

Yellow Lux said...

Oops - p.s., I'm rixatrix (at)

BigibDotCom said...

Here are my choices
Scarfette red
Scarfette mulberry
Neck warmer, antique fig.
I think purple is now winter color. Red is a have to for winter.
Good luck...

Digital Misfit said...

Gorgeous pieces, but my first choice is easy (I have had it on my Wist list for awhile now), and that is Teal Chocolate Elegance. In a word, STUNNING.

Forest Floor scarf is another favorite. Unique and stylish, it would look gorgeous with almost any color of winter coat, so it is a great one to promote.

The clean look of the Dijon scarf is wonderful and perfectly unisex for gift buyers. The thick rib knit looks so cozy, it is hard to resist.

Best of luck with your holiday promotions!

getpalmd said...

Soft Gold Scarflette
Antique Fig Cowl / Neckwarmer
Butterscotch Mohair Scarflette / Neckwarmer

Lama Works said...

My top three are:

Charred Silk Scarf
Pale Teal Cowl / Neckwarmer
Soft Spice Berry Scarflette

Great gift ideas!

starless said...

Soft Leaf Scarflette- the one that first brought me into the shop. It's on my Christmas list.

Driftwood scarf- such unique colors!

Teal waves- teal is my favorite color, so I have to choose that one.

arely said...

my three:

Mohair Tweed Cowl/Scarf - so pretty. i wantttt!

Soft Caramel Scarflette - ooooh such pretty warm fuzzy colors. totally reminds me of caramel on ice cream...

Antique Fig Cowl/Neckwarmer - SOOO versatile, lovely color and to top it off so very pretty

fleurfatale said...

I adore your scarves!

my top three gift choices would be:

1. Pale Teal Cowl / Neckwarmer
2. Rustico Moderno Scarf
3. Soft Embers Scarf

so beautiful!

will announce you in bmly blog today:

June Shin said...

My three are:
driftwood scarf
antique fig cowl
soft embers