Friday, October 03, 2008

Things that make me happy

Since it looks like I probably need a new motherboard on my old laptop, and need to reinstall Vista or downgrade/install XP on my new laptop, I'm finding my happy place with another list of things that make me happy.

  1. Giving away a scarflette! Still time to enter! I'll draw the winner tomorrow (Saturday, 10/14)!
  2. Vacation days, like today! Starting getting myself organized for the holidays, yay!
  3. A vacation today largely spent on the sofa with movies, knitting, and napping kitties. Emphasis on the napping kitties.
  4. Turkey breast roasted with fennel, tarragon and garlic (trust me on this) -- which I'll be roasting tomorrow!
  5. Workday emails and off work IM's from Kris, the bestest BFF ever, who cracks me up and knows me terrifyingly well (p.s., Kris, finally watched Across the University today -- loved it!). And still talks to me.
  6. Old monster movies -- the true classics, not the Hammer films -- which should start playing around the clock with Halloween coming up.
  7. Key Largo with Bogie and Bacall (and John Huston and Edward G. Robinson and Lionel Barrymore ... the list goes on and on) -- which I recorded last week and will savor tomorrow -- classic, cool, eery, elegant, absolutely brilliant!
  8. Starting a new knitting project that goes well, to boot.
  9. The smell of Fall on the evening breeze ... le sigh.
  10. Sleeping in! My very very favorite thing to do!
Happy weekend! I'll post the winner of the scarflette giveaway tomorrow!!!


glass hole studios said...

wanna see my stitches???? xo K

Brenda // Phydeaux Designs said...

LOL -- how did I know you'd say that??? LOB

Summer said...

I miss having napping kitties! Do share the turkey recipe - please! :)