Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A few delights

Felled by a cold! I've been knitting, but with a mask on (I got some from the pharmacy store)! (For real!) Today's the worse day so far, so I doubt I'll be knitting. Wow, I just said something to Fiona and no sound came out! More hot tea with honey for me!

(p.s., 6pm, I did some knitting yesterday, NONE today, too tired and achy!)

So, thought I'd share some delights with you!

Look at these precious snowy kitties from 9 Live Photography! You must check out her shop at Etsy, and you'll immediately know why I'm always perusing her latest selections! I love that a percentage of sales goes to local shelters. I'll definitely be shopping here for Christmas.

Check out this lovely shortbread from Whimsy & Spice! When I first started hearing about this Etsy shop, it didn't sound all that great to me, I must admit. Lavender shortbread??? Marshmallows with spices?

But I was intrigued. And I am so in love with their product photos! Then I started reading their blog. It was all over. I'm now hooked. And my FAVORITE shortbread is ... the honey and lavender! Look at how beautiful it is! It's such a unique flavor. The lavender isn't overpowering at all - just gives a little kick to an already incredible shortbread (which I love -- what's not to love?). I have the brown sugar ginger shortbread right now -- sheer perfection. The marshmallows are wonderful with cocoa (or coffee, for you coffee drinkers). The brownies are to DIE for. I highly recommend trying out a little something! You can find them at their Etsy shop or at their new website (http://www.whimsyandspice.com/)!


Summer said...

Oh Brenda...do get better soon! You've reminded me that I need to try making some marshmallows! Hmmm...no oven currently, but I may be able to find a way yet! :)

glass hole studios said...

Get better soon.LobK

Brenda // Phydeaux said...

Day three at home today! I'm now tired for it and want to go to work, just wish the body was also willing ....