Saturday, November 08, 2008

I think I have a new favorite month

October's always been my favorite month, but October's weather is still pretty warm these days (global warming?), at least where I live.

I didn't like November much growing up: cold, overcast, etc. But I'm loving November now.

Sunshine is one of the worst things for lupus folks to be exposed to. Sunshine, you say!? What??? It's true! Sunshine and UV light wreak havoc with my skin. They might cause, or sustain, the infamous "butterfly rash" (which I display most of the year). The inflammation that light creates, both what you see and what you don't (tissue and organ) can be very serious. That's part of why I hate Summer so much now, although I've never liked very hot weather. I'm realizing as I type that I don't know why, so I'll have to do some reading on that. Seattle always sounds pretty good to me!

So November's pretty great for me, with limited direct sunshine, plus the lovely Fall crisp in the air, the fragrance of fireplaces, and, my most favorite holiday of all ... Thanksgiving!

I love a traditional Thanksgiving meal SO very much! Roasted turkey (thinking about it is making me hungry), good stuffing, cranberries. I love a good mashed potato, but my arteries don't. I've never cared for candied yams. But I love roasted yams -- delish!

We'll see if I still love November by the end of the month. I have two holiday shows (see the links over to the right)! I've done zero preparation. In a panic, I started planning last night. I have tons of orders (yay!). And ... it's the start of the holiday rush plusThan
Today I'm knitting, knitting, knitting. Orders and restocking my inventory. I have a pile of new designs, but have to figure out lighting with a broken light source, and I'm hoping to figure out a natural lighting solution. Here's my goal, which I think I can make:
  1. Finish one order with two neckwarmers and buttons all around (~30 buttons!)
  2. Finish another order with a scarf and then buttons (eight buttons!)
  3. Finish the prize for my giveaway (thank you again, Erika!)
  4. Finish the prize for my other giveaway on Handmade Showcase!
  5. Complete a new custom order (totally cute, I'll post a photo when I'm done).
  6. Buttons on four brand new neckwarmer designs (10 buttons!)
  7. Package a bunch of orders for shipping, get them to post office!
  8. Place uline order for more shipping supplies!
Hmmmm. It looks like a lot more when I write it down. I'm glad I did that!

I hope you all have wonderful Saturdays and that you embrace November, regardless of how cold and chilly it might be! It's scarf weather!!!

p.s., a photo-less post! I'll add photos later, from the new designs.

p.p.s., I have to go get a new lightbulb for photos tomorrow ... and as usual, I thought I could do more than the laws of space and time allow ...


Summer said...

Oh yes, a fire in the fire place! :) I just started one in the wood stove - now I need one of those cast iron tea pots to put on top to keep it from getting too dry and put some whole cloves in the water - yum! :)

Brenda // Phydeaux said...

A wood stove! How wonderful! And cloves ... perfect!

June Shin said...

You need to get crack-a-lacking on those knitting needles! That's so great that you're so busy with all those orders. Can't wait to see your new stuff. :)