Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I heart moss

So here I thought I had the most clever title, then saw that Summer uses the same tagline!!! But we both heart moss, we really do!

I treated myself to one of Summer's incredible hand/needle felted moss pincushions! Cute, clever AND a necessity when you're sewing about eleventy billion buttons onto neckwarmers during scarf season. :)

Summer is the maven behind Ottoman, one of my very favorite Etsy shops. I admired her mossy creations well before I opened my own shop! She creates pincushions, jewelry, accessories and wall art in "moss," "lichen" and even cork!

If you haven't read Summer's blog, you should! She has a lot of great eco tips and I love her photos!

If you're a seller, even a wannabee seller, Summer's shop is a great example of finding your niche and doing it very very well. I immediately know that an item is hers simply by the photo style -- creating that kind of recognizable "look" is crucial (branding!).

One of the added benefits of selling on Etsy has been the wonderful friends I've made, and I'm honored to include Summer amongst them!

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paperhill said...

Thanks for visiting Brenda. This feature is just lovely, I will have to visit her shop! Take care,