Friday, November 14, 2008

A special giveaway by a special friend!

A semi-quick post to share with all of you that my friend Heather, wife of my long time friend Phil (we won't go into how long ago we became friends ...), recently opened her very own Etsy shop, Sew Happy Jane! Heather is quite the creative gal, with mad sewing skills; in fact, she's making a special apron for me, for some upcoming craft shows! (I can't wait to show that off to you...) She's also an absolute sweet heart and I love this crazy world wide web world where you can reconnect with folks you met more years ago than you're willing to publicly admit, and become good friends.

Heather is sponsoring her first giveaway on her blog! I would love to encourage you all to take a look and enter if you're moved to do so.

Congrats Heather on your shop and your contest!!!

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sewhappyjane said...

Blush, blush! You are too sweet.