Sunday, November 16, 2008

What was I thinking?????

One week from today, I'm supposed to be selling my stuff up in Wine Country. (If you live in Northern California, or you're going to be around for the holiday, come see me, live and in person!)

I'm not prepared.

I literally did not sleep last night so unprepared and panicky am I.

I'm awake by a mere thread right now, quaffing diet pepsi's while knitting knitting knitting knitting. My joints are starting to ache from the knitting, already!

If by some miracle, I actually knit enough goodies, it will likely be too much. If, as I suspect, I don't knit enough, well, there you go.

But I had a few lightning bolts of either the most brilliant or the worst ever ideas this morning. I think these ideas may actually work! But I'm going to keep them secret just yet ...

If they don't work, you'll definitely be seeing them in ye olde shoppe. If they do work, you'll still get to see them!

I should note, however, that I will have a goooorgeous vendor apron, custom designed and made by Heather of SewHappyJane! Really really pretty colors. I can't wait to show it off!

I've also been freaking out about my table for the faire (remember, this is my first craft fair!). I was trying to do something in my head that is totally and completely and horrendously not me. Too girly and feminine. I wear Eddie Bauer and Birkenstock's, for crying out loud! Then I saw my very very favorite and beloved piece of fabric that I haven't cut into yet, because I love it so much (I've horded this fabric for three + years). And now I know what it's been waiting for. My new and improved table uses my ultimate color scheme, with several beloved bits and bots of fabric and stuff (Kris will recognize something from WAAAY back Oingo Boingo ... yep, I hold on to things that I really really love).

It's not likely that I'll have the perfect table or set up, but at least it will be mine! And trust me, it will stand out in a crowd.

On a completely different note, I completely lost myself in a new (to me) blog this morning. I highly recommend this! The Pioneer Woman. Have any of you already found this? I read the entire series to date of how she met, fell in love with, and in soon to be published installments, married, her husband. Spellbinding! Self-deprecatingly funny, tender, awkward, touching, sweet, romantic, it's got it all. I can't wait to read the next chapter!

I hope you all have a great week!


June Shin said...

Good luck at your first show! I was a nervous wreck for mine too, but it'll be fun. You'll have to post pics of your booth.

Anonymous said...

I lost a lot of sleep before mine, too. But you'll be fine. I'm very excited to see what you have up your sleeve for your table...

Apron coming along nicely...e-mail me your mailing address when you get a chance. I hope to have it in the mail on Tuesday!