Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Brenda's Economic Stimulus Package

Geesh! I completely forgot about my wristcuff giveaway! Still time to enter!

Here are some great ways to support your fellow indie artists, designers, vintage sellers, etc. during these times of economic uncertainty, all under $25!!!

I really love theVINTAGEcloset at Etsy. First, because I love Rebecca's photography. Second, because I want nearly all of the shoes in her shop (size 10, por favor?) (p.s., I think I owned most of those shoes during the 80's ...). And third, I love her blog! Her enthusiasm, joie de vivre and love for her family just jumps off the page. This very cute blouse, perfect for Spring, is a great deal!

Joanne from Shaving Kit Suppplies (yep, three p's!) at Etsy is a true treasure! Not only because her treasuries are phenomenal, often landing on Etsy's front page, but also because she's a tour de force for one liners and creative hijinks on Twitter, and also because she is one talented lady! I love love love my new heart brooch received just this week, which was a delight to open thanks to her unique and beautiful packaging, and a gorgeous surprise extra lavender mini pillow/sachet. And I love this brooch, Mothra Redux Rouge, another under $20 steal!

I adore Nicole at Lillyella - a very talented jewelry designer and great friend! Nearly every lovely piece of jewelry in Nicole's shop is under $25, and if you follow her blog, you'll find lots of giveaways and blog specials for even more savings! She's also on twitter and very supportive of other designers and artists with features and hosted giveaways on her blog. AND may be tied with Joanne for being the Queen of incredible treasuries often on Etsy's front page.

I hope you'll check out all of these shops! I've permanently (during our recession/hopefully not depression) reduced prices for my soft neckwarmers ($25) and neckbows ($19.50); after all, we want to be warm and pretty, despite making a dollar stretch farther.

6 comments: said...

thank you SOOO much brenda for including my shirt in this AWESOME post!'re the BEST!


paperhill said...

brenda more great picks! i love all these shops! that shirt is super cute!

heather jane said...

Cute stuff! You are always so sweet in your Etsy promo posts.

Melissa said...

nice picks, I love that Brooch!

lillyella, uniquely you said...

Oh my gosh that brooch is so cool! Along with everything in the vintage closet of course :)
thank you so much for including my necklace - im blushing you sweet chica :)

June Shin said...

Great finds here, and all so affordable!