Thursday, January 08, 2009

Keeping a little quiet this week

  1. First week back at work, and it's been a doooozy.
  2. YAY, finished and mailed the last of my before Christmas orders!!! That's all I've been working on since I got home from my folks'! Just ask my poor girls -- they'll tell you all about how abused they've been. :)
  3. Recovered from a big old back injury (that was fun) and an inflamed eye (simultaneous and equally fun).
  4. Working on my post-Christmas week and custom orders (yay, really and truly fun!).
I watched Paper Moon last night, first time ever, and was completely enchanted! If you haven't watched this Peter Bogdanovich classic, with Ryan (o so young and cute) and Tatum (o my goodness, what a little spitfire) O'Neal, do!!! Talk about a bygone era. When dames and dolls had moxie (and that was a good thing). Before "gents" became "dude!" and still thought that dolls by name of "Miss Trixie Delight" were real quality ladies. :)

Now back to the 21st century. I'll have a big shop update this weekend, I hope!

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Kateri said...

that first week back is a horror, huh? i'm feeling your pain, my fiber-loving friend. happy friday!