Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Inspiration Part II: Knitting Mecca

As promised! I'm back to tell you about the second book I ordered last week that has transfixed me with wonder and awe.

One of my knitting heroes is Nicky Epstein. Some of you are saying, "Well, duh, who isn't blown away by her work?" Others are saying, "Eh. Don't get it." And still others are saying, "Nicky who?"

Nicky Epstein is an incredibly knit wear designer, who also felts, crochets and probably also has a cure for cancer.

I may have exaggerated about the cure for cancer...

Nevertheless, if you've been wanting to figure out how to knit a flower or crochet a leaf or sculpt the most incredible knock your socks off scarf in 25 colors using several knitting techniques ... Nicky is your gal!

I have been SO drawn to the cover - forget the innards - of her Knitting on Top of the World book that I could wait no longer. I had to have it, so succumbed last week. And don't regret it for one nanosecond.

I am absolutely infatuated with this gorgeous cream shrug on the bottom row of the above photo. Seriously infatuated.


Her Knitting in Tuscany is next. Can you see why? Look at that dress (above)! How can a fiber lover resist?

Luckily for me, her patterns are easy to follow, even for a pattern following challenged person like me. You won't see her designs in my shop - I don't roll that way - but you may just see a project or two shared here, that I make for myself!!!


Summer said...

Wow! What a book!

heather jane said...

I like the leg warmers and the yellow dress.