Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weather change alert

One of the worst things that happens to me, at least four times a year, thanks to my autoimmune disease, is weather change. Not sunny to cloudy. I'm talking, climate changes, like Winter to Spring, Spring to Summer, etc. And the very worst, the one I spend most of the year dreading, hit this weekend: SUMMER.

I can't stand hot weather. Worse yet, my poor body can't stand hot weather.

And I grew up in the desert!

I should have known something was up when I couldn't sleep Thursday night. Then couldn't sleep Friday night, just miserably tired and hot and icky. Then couldn't sleep last night, all of the above.

I hope I can sleep tonight.

Doesn't help that I'm out of the prescription most crucial to sleeping (I didn't realize I was on my last bottle until I ran out ...). I'll have to take a break from work tomorrow to go pick it up.

I've accomplished little of note this week and weekend, except to feel hot and sorry for myself! I may need to put the a/c unit back in my window tonight (something not usually required until June).

I need some stay cool ideas - hopefully not involving ice cream (which I'd love, trust me, but not all that healthy ....)!!!

Stay cool this week!

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Cottage In The Sun said...

We are used to hot here - and I love it, but what a bummer if your body doesn't. I find that keeping a damp handkerchief around my neck makes a big difference (or even ice cubes if you're really hot) and of course a pony tail and a big glass of ice tea! I really hope you feel better soon!