Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Go local!

Isn't it crazy that the long crazy Winter of 2008/2009 is OVER and Summer has fully bloomed? (I have the sunburn to show it!)

Well, Heather over at Living Senses lives for the growing season. She spends her summers growing her family's food, as well as supporting local farmers by stocking up at the farmers market.

In fact, she's so passionate that she started Go Local last year! I am REALLY excited to join the movement and group this year and hope that you'll join, too! It's so easy - just a lot of bloggers, just like you, sharing recipes and other ideas and tips for eating closer to home.

There are so many good reasons to support your local farmers. In addition to the obvious (supporting your local farmers!), you also decrease the need or your reliance on less healthy produce, eggs, cheese, honey, etc. that are being shipped (e.g., gasoline!) to grocery stores, sitting on shelves, with all sorts of preservatives or even radiation to make them prettier and last longer.

I'll be posting about my own Go Local meals at least once a week. I'd love to read about yours, too! And I hope you'll check out Heather's blog, join the group, and also check out her Etsy shop - what a talented seamstress! She's one great lady to get to know.

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heather jane said...

Aw Shucks. Thank you Brenda. You are so sweet! And I'm so glad you're playing along.