Wednesday, June 03, 2009

What about Phydelle?

I've been getting that question a lot lately! That's what happens when you make plans to open a new shop ... months ago ago ... then get seriously busy with life and the day profession.

Phydelle is coming, I promise! Phydelle is my Etsy shop that will be dedicated to Phydeaux
en miniature - Phydeaux handknit accessories for Blythe, Pullip, etc. dolls!

Just to show you that I'm serious ... I'm laying the groundwork to do a little customizing on my own Blythe, who will be modelling all these creations (along my very own Pullip). I have sanding sponges on the way, along with some new eyechips. (The sanding sponges will give my Blythe's scary shiny face a lovely matte finish.) I also have some tools on the way to carve nicer lips and then will give her a lovely lip gloss. Once that work is done, I'll be giving her a nice new hairstyle. My poor girl's hair was seriously stressed and tortured, strapped down in her box. I have several wigs in the meantime, like the long ringlets you can see here.

Into Blythes or just curious? Here are some GREAT flickr photostreams to go peek at!

Skunkboy Creatures


wzgirl said...

Thanks for these great links & good luck with your shop. I went hunting for a Blythe the other night and got overwhelmed. Got my husband's goat by telling him I scored one for $500! Still looking. Will you post your work in progress?

Phydeaux Designs said...

I will! The customizing has me a bit scared, but Katie at Skunkboy has been soothing my fears. :) I would loooove to rehab beat up and poorly customized Blythes - wouldn't that be fun!?

Lisa said...

I can't wait! I'm excited to see an update on Phydelle!