Thursday, June 25, 2009

Leaves of Glass and urban legend: my favorites!

Oh dear! Our current giveaway sponsored by our wonderful featured artist, Kateri from Leaves of Glass and urban legend will end tonight at 9:00 pm (PST)! She's an incredible artist and dear friend.

I admit without shame that I have a huge stash of Leaves of Glass (and now urban legend, too) jewelry - and I love them all! Here are my very favorite pieces!

1. Sukebind necklace, $58.00 - I don't own this one yet, but I will! I will. A phenomenally lovely necklace!

2. Loft earrings, $32.00 - I wear these ALL the time. Gorgeous!

3. Danse macabre earrings, $24.00 - I used to despair of ever finding the perfect black earrings, large enough to be noticed (I'm just shy of 6' tall ...), while pretty and feminine. I wear these all the time. Perfect with any outfit!

4. Winged messenger earrings, $24.00 - Oh, Winged Messenger, how I love thee? Wearing these, I feel just like the stylish dame with grit and sparkle touted by Kateri in her Leaves of Glass shop (but you'll find these in urban legend!).

You still have time to enter the drawing!

And don't be sad - don't forget that Kateri has so generously offered a 15% discount to Phydelle readers - just use code "phydelle" in the message to seller on check out (one time use)!

What's your favorite piece made by Kateri?

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Leaves of Glass said...

Brenda, you're a lovely, lovely girl (and one of my all-time best customers)! Thank you so much for your generosity in featuring me - I've had a wonderful time this week reading everybody's comments on the interview and meeting lots of new people through my blog and twitter! xo