Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Life's little reminders

I never think I'm overdoing it. In fact, I always think I'm an underperforming slacker (big surprise to many of those who know me ...).

Not the best mind set for someone who lives with lupus, by the way.

I'm now officially aware that I've overdone it, and have been doing so since I went back to school way back in 2001, which is the last time I remember wasting time, I mean, truly relaxing. :)

My poor abused body is on strike. And for the first time in many many years, I'm actually taking this strike seriously. Time to make lifestyle changes! First up on the block in my diet (or lack thereof), sleep (same) and relaxation time (totally the same).

By admitting this out loud, I will hopefully do a better job of holding myself accountable. And I'll probably share lots of new healthy recipes with you, which will help me keep up the good eating.

But first, I need to eat salmon a few times a week - what's your favorite salmon recipes??? I need new ideas that help keep the fishy taste in check!


lauren bacchus said...

when I ate fish (which I am actually considering eating again) I made a great stove top Mediterranean style salmon. I will try to find the real recipe, but here it is in a nutshell:

Pan sear salmon in a little olive oil

add a little red onion and cook until translucent, fresh tomato, fresh dill, capers and a little of the brine.

season with fresh lemon zest and/or juice, salt and pepper.

Goes great with a side of sauteed spinach or other dark greens and brown rice.

I hope you take good care of yourself!

On a side note, I tried to book a room anywhere in SF with a gifted free week timeshare stay, and apparently everything is booked until 2010. I think timeshares are maybe a giant scam...

. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

That sounds delish, Lauren! I'll try that this weekend! :)

. Phydeaux . Phydelle . said...

Oh, wait, boo on the timeshare! :(

Leaves of Glass said...

good for you! "wasting" time is never really wasting it, as i'm sure you know (although it never hurts to have it affirmed by other people). taking care of yourself is actually really hard work.

i love salmon, but i do have a recipe that's not too fishy tasting and is very easy and healthy. it's from the canyon ranch cookbook - i'll look it up and send it to you.