Thursday, June 18, 2009

Lillyella - my favorites!

I'm a little sad that the giveaway sponsored by our wonderful featured artist, Nicole from Lillyella, will end tonight at midnight (PST)! I've so enjoyed reading all of your comments!

I own a nice chunk of Lillyella real estate, I will admit with pride. Here are my very favorite pieces!

1. Silver leaf garland bracelet, $17.00 - I get SO many compliments every time I wear this lovely silver bracelet! I highly recommend it!

2. Silver leaf garland earrings, $13.50 - see above - love these!

3. Glam toggle bracelet, $19.00 - I wear this at least once a week - I love it! This is another one that I get so many compliments on when I wear!

4. Sassafrass necklace, $24.00 - well, OK, I don't have this quite yet, but it will be on its way any second and I loooove it!

You still have time to enter the drawing!

And don't be sad - don't forget that Nicole has VERY generously offered a free shipping and 10% discount to Phydelle readers - just use code "phydelle" in the message to seller on check out (one time use)!

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