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On top of your day job: Leaves of Glass and Urban Legend

I am so very delighted to introduce to you Kateri, from Leaves of Glass and urban legend. Yes, indeed, she started a second shop in addition to her fulltime day job and fulltime shop, Leaves of Glass.

Kateri and I have chatted from time to time about how to make things work (forget work life balance!) when you're fulltime day job career gals and running a fulltime indie business from home in your "free" time. So I absolutely knew who had to be our first OTOYDJ "invited speaker" when I fleshed out this idea. And - yay - Kateri rose to the challenge!

Name: Kateri Morton
Your shop names/urls: Leaves of Glass, urban legend
Your blog:
Your flickr photostream:
Your twitter account:
Your non-Etsy website/other websites:

Tell us a bit about you: who you are, who you want to be, what do you make and what makes you unique?
Currently, I’m a thirty-five year old jewelry designer and city girl with bright blue hair. I grew up on a farm, so I’m no stranger to making things by hand, but I’m an accidental artist. I started making jewelry about three years ago when I finished a long-term project and needed something new to do. I fell in love with vintage beads, and a full-blown obsession was born. I’ve tried lots of art forms, from drawing and woodblock to stained glass and quilting, but jewelry design is the only thing I do that comes out looking the way I imagine it, so I guess it’s meant to be.

I love stories of all kinds, and I enjoyed many years working in some wonderful bookstores. Books will always be a huge part of my life, but it’s been a few years now since I could tell you exactly what was being published this week. My book collection continues to grow to obscene proportions, though; I love mysteries and graphic novels, and my favorite fiction authors are Louise Erdrich, Aimee Bender, Michael Chabon and Graham Greene. I’m also a fiend for short stories; they’re just so tasty and satisfying!

I hear so many artists say that when they finally locked onto making what they make, they found that many seemingly random jobs, interests and connections in their life suddenly made perfect sense as stepping stones leading them to this one place. The same is true for me, and I feel gratitude and satisfaction for each new stage of discovery.
What do you think it is about you that makes your shops successful?
Success comes from a lot of things, but I hope that in my case that initial spark of interest comes because I’ve captured some essence of the vintage materials I love so much. I adore the detail and workmanship in vintage beads, and I try to honor their history and give them a new way to shine with every design I make. I also really enjoy getting to know my customers and am grateful for their interest in my work. If you treat each customer with the same care for quality and detail that you give to your craft, people will remember you and return.
If you're comfortable sharing, what is your fulltime day job? Do you plan to continue working fulltime or is your goal to join the ranks of the Quit Your Day Job artistans?
For the last seven years, I’ve worked as an administrative assistant, receptionist and general ringmaster (ringmistress?) of drama in a high school social work department. It’s a full time job during the 10-month school year, but I’m very fortunate to have summers off - oh, bliss!

While I do daydream about quitting my job and living my life entirely for design and creation, it’s not a realistic possibility for me. Working harder, working smarter and saving better are important parts of building a business, but unless some unexpected bounty outside of my control comes into my life, my day job is with me for the foreseeable future. My business and my job live on top of each other all the time, and will probably continue that way.

Do you have partners, employees or family members who help with your business?
Right now, it’s just me. I do everything from grocery shopping and taking out the garbage to bookkeeping and promotion. The jewelry business is a second, very much full-time job. Sometimes it gets overwhelming, and I need to take a break from my business to keep my head above water, but for the most part making jewelry is what brings joy and relaxation to the rest of my life.
Which do you prefer: artist, artisan, crafter, maker or other?
Generally, I think of myself as a crafter and designer (although I notice that I seem to have used the word “artist” earlier in this interview, so I guess that’s in the mix, too!).
How did you learn your particular art/craft form?
That’s part of the whole “accidental artist” thing; I learned by buying some pliers, a spool of craft wire and a handful of beads and practicing until it looked good. I’ve picked up great tips from other artists, developed other techniques on my own, and last summer I took a beginner’s class in metalsmithing, but I haven’t had much time to practice those techniques. Someday, I’d love to be able to rent studio space with equipment so I can develop some new skills.
When do you fit in working on your business?
Most of my work for the business happens after I get home from the office, but my job is somewhat flexible and I’m at a computer all day; if there’s a low level of crazy in my office, I’m able to list items on Etsy and respond to email and convos. Most of my larger projects (preparing for craft shows, doing research, taking classes, planning a website) get put off until summer when I can give them my full attention. It makes the flow of business a little choppy, and I’m sure there are lots of other small business owners who have a hard time sustaining growth in their business simply because there aren’t enough hours in the day. It’s a hard balance to keep, and I don’t always succeed at staying on top of things. The thing that tends to suffer the most is my social life and relaxation; it’s important to give yourself a break and have fun, but the business is very important to me, and there always seems to be something absolutely critical to finish first.

Share with us your top two or three time management tips or tricks?
One of the most important changes I made in my business is an incredibly tiny one, but it helps me a lot. I used to ship orders daily, but a little over a year ago I switched to shipping on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only. That made an enormous difference to the way I thought about my week, and helped me put some other time management tips into place. I spend one night a week on paperwork, and I try to make at least two or three new things each week so that I can photograph them on the weekends (not being home to take photographs during good daylight is a constant source of woe for most of the year). I also try to keep at least one of everything I have listed in my shop on hand so I can pack and ship without having to sit down and make things first.

Of course, except for the shipping days, these are all "best intentions" things. It doesn't always work out the way it should and I often spend a Saturday catching up.
If you sold during the last holiday season, how did you survive? What was your biggest lesson learned?
I’ve sold through two holiday seasons now, and there are three important things I do. First, I put a deadline on holiday wholesale orders so that when December 1 rolls around, all my wholesale work is done and delivered and I can concentrate on the online traffic. Second, I order vast amounts of shipping supplies ahead of time – mailers, boxes, business cards, tape, labels, ribbon and the cardstock I use for my tags. I pre-cut piles of tissue paper and ribbons, and I print and cut lots and lots of tags in advance. It’s hard enough keeping up with making and shipping orders without having to scramble around for packaging supplies. I can usually get six months of packing supplies prepped and squared away by spending two nights watching movies with a lapful of ribbon and tags. Two or three times a year, and it’s done.

This year, I also put a fairly early deadline on shipping for holiday orders – December 15. That allowed me some breathing room to get my own holiday preparation done and still gave me time to actually enjoy the season, which is my absolutely favorite time of year. I have no doubt that I lost some business by putting such an early deadline on holiday shipping, but I enjoyed Christmas much more than I had the year before.
What stresses you out the most about your business?
Oh, money. Easy question. I have a strict rule that the business has to pay for itself. I don’t use income from my day job to support the business at all. That means that during slow times (and we all know that while you can predict them to some extent, you can’t control them, and you just have to wait it out), there may not be enough coming in for me to advertise, or list as much as I want to, and some opportunities just have to wait. You have to spend money to grow, and when you’re not growing there isn’t money to spend on growing … yes, it’s definitely money. I’m also a bit shy and I used to find promoting awkward and very stressful, but I’ve gotten better at it over time. Being really excited about what I do gets me over the awkward hump and, with practice, it’s much less stressful now than it used to be.
What gets you the most excited?
When it goes well, photographing a new piece really makes me happy. And supplies - the incredible window of possibility that opens when I find wonderful supplies.

Tell us how you organize your workday and workspace?
I have two sets of storage drawers that hold shipping and office supplies and paperwork, and everything else lives on top of my dining table – supplies, computer, printer, workspace, and usually a small landslide of whatever books I’m reading and mail waiting to be sorted. My day, either at home or at the office, starts with coffee and checking my email. I check for orders, answer convos and email, confirm any orders, look in on my shops, the front page of Etsy, the treasury, my blog reader, Twitter and the shops of my close friends (that’s right, I’m a stalker buddy). That usually takes about 45 minutes, unless there’s been a lot of overnight activity in my shops.

On an office day, I’ll check email every couple of hours and, if I have time, edit some photos and/or list some items. If I’m at home, I usually start right in designing or organizing my workspace for a new project. Those are the days I really enjoy – when the tabletop is clear, my supplies are in order, and I have a clear idea of what I’m going to do. A really great day would include listing new work, designing and photographing more new work, some promotion, and filling orders. That’s when I can really feel what it would be like to be able to work for myself full time; it’s absorbing and demanding and very satisfying.

How do you balance it all: life, work and business?
I’ll be very honest; I really don’t balance it all. During the school year, I often feel an overwhelming sense of chaos and an endless cycle of managing vs. catching up. Emotionally, that chaos and busy-ness is balanced by a satisfaction in my craft that definitely makes up for the sensation that I’m constantly chasing my tail. It’s hard work, though, and I’m not sure there are any permanent solutions. Discipline, planning and budgeting are crucial, but there will always be situations that arise that knock you off course. It’s hard not to compare yourself to other people, but I think the trick is to learn by practice what works for you, and try to make that as consistent as possible.

Do you take actual vacations and holidays away from both jobs? Or do you use your day job vacation time as time to work on your business?
Did I mention I have summers off? I have summers off, hooray! That’s a much-needed vacation from my day job, and I do take periodic breaks from Etsy. I need the time to rejuvenate and just spend a while away from it. I also need to be careful not to overwork my hands and wrists – if you spend all day typing and all night wirewrapping, overwork is a real concern and I try hard to allow myself breaks from both. I don’t take vacations from both jobs simultaneously – at least I haven’t yet. So far, I’ve needed to use my time for one or the other. If I’m traveling for more than three or four days, the business comes with me.

What is your biggest challenge in finding time to do the things that have to happen during business hours (e.g., post office trips)?
Working a school day does allow me time to get to the post office and the bank before they close, so I’m fortunate not to have that particular conflict. However, I can’t recommend online shipping enough. I use Endicia, and I love it because I can ship by international first class without having to go to the post office. There are lots of options for online shipping for US-based sellers – PayPal, Endicia, or – and any one of them can help make your job much simpler.

How do you find time for marketing? Any tips or tricks to share?

I struggle with marketing constantly, and still haven’t really found an approach that’s perfect for me. I do some banner advertising on blogs, I promote through my blog and sometimes through the Etsy forums and Flickr. Joining Twitter has been by far the most successful marketing step I’ve ever taken, and I really recommend it. It’s not only addictive, low-maintenance fun, it also drives a tremendous amount of traffic to my shop. Even if that traffic doesn’t always end in a sale, it’s very good exposure, and it tends to reach a much wider audience than my other forms of promotion. In the past, I’ve purchased showcase spots and co-op ads through Etsy, but have not found those to be successful for me; networking and word of mouth have had a much greater impact on my sales. It’s difficult to keep up with networking as much as I’d like, especially during the school year, but it’s an important tool not just for marketing, but in order to help other sellers as well. Working with other artists and bloggers is a lot of fun, and can help both of you expand your audience and your skills.

Do you get enough sleep every night? If not, how do you compensate?
Definitely not. I’m a night person by nature, and even if I’m not still working at 11 p.m., my inclination is to stay up and read or watch a movie. I thought I might grow out of that after several years of working on a school schedule, but no such luck. I stay up late, I get up early. I compensate by sleeping late on weekends, and with the occasional very satisfying nap when I get home.

How do you prepare for busy/rush season, without forsaking updating your shop with new items and designs?
With designs that I know are popular, I generally try to keep several on hand and ready to ship, so that I can still spend time making and listing new items. My goal is to list new items three or four times a week, but that’s pretty ambitious; if I keep the bar high, I usually manage at least one new item per shop per week even when I’m really busy.
Share with us a few stress management tips/tricks?
I have really lovely friends, and they’re my primary coping mechanism. They’re smart and funny and very supportive, and I enjoy them so much! I don’t have any pets, but I’m fortunate to have two very close friends who do, and cuddling with their dogs and cats is also a great relaxer. It’s really hard to think about business when you’re tickling a poodle. I also make it a point to spend at least one day a week avoiding anything to do with my business. Ideally, it’s a Sunday so I don’t also have to go to the office, but even if it’s a weekday and I can just go out after work or come home and relax, it’s still essential for my peace of mind.
Share with us one of your personal guilty pleasures?
Oh, well…ice cream. Naps. Truly terrible disaster/monster/scary movie marathons. I have many pleasures in my life, but those are all guilty.
Do you shop handmade?
I absolutely do! I’ll share my last two. The first was pickles. I’m a fool for pickles, and these are spectacular. Go get ‘em.

The second was this elegant ACEO on canvas by stilettoheights. I own several of Jenn’s pieces; they’re tucked all over my apartment, lending an air of adventure and mystery to shelves and corners.

What else would you like readers to know about you and about running an online creative business in addition to working fulltime and even perhaps even possessing a personal and/or social life?

If making things makes you happy, get online and share it with other people! It’s a revelation. I’m constantly amazed and gratified at the amount of clever, inventive thought in the world. Running a creative business has changed the way I think about almost everything, from shopping to personal relationships. I treasure the friendships I’ve developed with people, both in person and online, and it’s a true pleasure to fill my life and home with their work, and to send my own work out into the world.

WOW. Thank you, Kateri, for sharing with us, and for generously offering a special discount AND giveaway to Phydelle readers!

Discount: Enter "phydelle" in the message to seller at checkout for a whopping15% off your order! This is valid any time, but is for ONE time use per customer!!!

Winner selects the sterling silver bracelet of her/his choice from urban legend! To enter, in the comments below, share with us your favorite piece of jewelry in either of Kateri's shops. You must include your first name, Etsy shop (if you're a seller) and/or email address to be included in the drawing!

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Entries end 9pm PST on Thursday 6/25/09 and the winner will be announced on Saturday the 27th!


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