Thursday, June 18, 2009

On top of your day job

I'm so excited about a new series for Phydelle - perhaps unique in the world - "on top of your day job" (OTOYDJ), to counterbalance the infamous "quit your day job" series at Etsy.

I think the brave men and women trying to balance their indie business with their family and private lives with a fulltime day (or evening or night) job, too (!) are truly the unsung heroes of the indie small business world. We can all learn so much about time management, work-life balance (or lack thereof), and return on investment/value added activities from these folks!

Oh, hey, I'm one of those folks!

I am SO delighted with our inaugural invited speaker for this series! This is an incredible artist that I love to bits - and many of you do, too, or will very soon!

But you'll have to check back tomorrow morning to find out who that special someone is!

And yes indeed, it will be so worth your time - another giveaway will be involved!

You still have time to read Lillyella's spotlight interview and enter the drawing for a piece of lovely jewelry! At least until midnight tonight! OK, so honestly, I'll be asleep. So I won't rule out a few after midnight entries. :)


shana said...

thanks brenda for doing this! as someone who just got home from work at 10 pm and had a piece of cake for dinner and am just now beginning my real "work," i can't tell you how crazy the quit your day job series makes me!

Phydeaux Designs said...

Me toooo! OK, 10pm is way too late to be getting home from work ... but 8pm is normal for me. :| And you're right, then we start the fulltime real work. Tired much? xo

tigerburningbright said...

ahhhh yes - the 'quit your day job' series. something 50 out of 250,000 or so etsy sellers have actually achieved. this is a great idea brenda - and so much more supportive/realistic in terms of the *actual* life many of us have to lead in order to be financially sound and creatively fulfilled. i find the 'stay at home and play crafts' lie that etsy feeds us so deeply annoying (not that i'm not pleased for those scant few who've actually managed it!)

wzgirl said...

Totally. Can. Relate.

My weekends feel like Moonlightling most times - and ::yawn:: I really, really love it.

Looking forward to your new series, girl.