Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blogs to add to your roll: The Bakery

I read a lot of blogs. A l-o-t. Which is kinda funny, considering that I don't really like to read online. I love the act and ritual and process of reading books and magazines. But honest to heavens, who has time for that anymore? (And how does that even happen, that we don't?)

So I thought I'd share some of the tidbits I find out there in Blogland.

I had another completely sleepless night last week (I'm working on that, trust me), and was SO grateful to find this really interesting, chock full of fantastic information, and fun to watch video over on The Bakery.

If you're not familiar with The Bakery, this is a great resource for anyone who owns or manages (or who wants to either or both) a business. This is a collaboration between Jaime Derringer (Design Milk!) and Erin Loechner (Design for Mankind!), full of tidbits and bites of good stuff.

Back to the video! You may or may not be familiar with "The 4-Hour Workweek," a best seller written by Tim Ferriss, who has an extremely popular (and very interesting) blog of his own. (I picked this up myself some time ago and just started reading it - definitely worth a look - you might get hooked!)

Ferriss is quite the character, which makes him an engaging speaker (important, since this is a long video!). His video is about "How to build a better blog." Well, honestly, who doesn't want a better blog? If you're blogging, you're doing so in order for folks to read your blog. I'm always looking for new insights or perspectives about better blogging, even if I don't have time to incorporate them!

I wouldn't have found this great video if The Bakery hadn't posted it on their blog. They found it on Ferriss' blog. This is the whole beauty of blogging and social networking (to me): finding new sources of valuable information or learning something new or just sharing knowledge, all via the internet, in a positive, legal and nondestructive way.

So if you have an extra chunk of time, I strongly and heartily recommend this video!

And I'd love to hear what you thought about it! Love it? Hate it? Did you try anything that he suggested? Share with us down below in the comments, if you watched!

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