Sunday, July 19, 2009

Holiday planning: Basics

This is the time of year that I start panicking about the holidays. Decisions have to be made and acted on for packaging, marketing, promotion, and inventory. Seems to early to think about the holidays, doesn't it? But in retail, large stores have already made and are implementing these decisions!

It's also not too early for buyers to start their holiday shopping; in fact, I know people who complete their shopping by early August!

I'm working on my own holiday marketing, packaging and inventory plans right now - how about you? Shipping priority this holiday season? Order your flat rate envelopes and boxes now (free from USPS)! Want to ship first class international without going to the post office? Subscribe to and get used to using Endicia or similar shipping software now (Lisa from Savor has great tutorials at youtube!)!

Think about holiday-themed photographs for your shop. Use some holiday-themed props, like Christmas or Hannukah ornaments, candles, or evergreens.

Which blogs and websites do you want to advertise on leading up to the holidays? Ad space may sell out quickly - don't miss out!

Speaking of which, now's the time to work on (or hire a designer to work on) banner ads for the holidays. One less thing to worry about going into November!

More tips later this week! If you have your own tips you'd like to share (as seller or buyer), email me! You may just get your own quote and shop or blog link.

Image credits: (1) Vintage Christmas lightbulbs by Red Bess Bonney Too at Etsy, $6; (2) Christmas in July - Ice - Olive oil soap by Savor at Etsy, $3.50 (limited time)


Fringe said...

Excellent advice, Brenda. All the points you made are valid and make a great list for those of us who want to cut down on stress during the holidays. Thank you :)

idyll hands said...

This post makes me tired. I have/had plans to work on a redesign for the holidays. New jewelry packaging for my jewelry shop, holiday inspired things for my yarn/wool shop... summer is almost over and have I worked on any of that? No.