Monday, July 20, 2009

A great chili recipe for folks on the fly

I used to be the Queen of making healthy and filling meals from a can and a bunch of fresh ingredients. I particularly like to throw together something easy to make, good for me, while seriously delish, the night before I need to go for more groceries (you should see the sad state of my nearly empty fridge).

Like this fab chili that I wolfed down, I mean daintily nibbled on, tonight for dinner!

Brenda's Chili

1 can dennison's turkey chili (it's also good with veggie or beef chili, but best with turkey)
1 small can roasted, minced green chiles
1 lime, squeezed (lemon's good too!)
To taste (this is the fun part):
- fresh cracked pepper
- crushed garlic
- jalapeno jack or sharp cheddar (or both) cheese, shredded
- chopped up, fresh cilantro
- chopped up, fresh flat leaf parsley
- chopped up, fresh green onions
To taste, if you have it (any or all - this is called cleaning your fridge out!):
- chopped up, fresh bell pepper (I think red is best)
- chopped up, fresh heirloom or grape tomatoes
- frozen or fresh (LOVE fresh) corn (if fresh, slice it right off the cob)
- fresh spinach or arugula leaves

Throw everything that's not fresh produce or cheese in a pot over medium heat OR in a microwave safe bowl. Microwave for 2-3 minutes until hot and bubbling, or cook over medium heat until same (stir to make sure it doesn't burn!).

Take off heat/out of microwave. Add cheese, stir well (cheese will melt quickly). Stir in all fresh produce except spinach/argula and stir well - the heat will lightly cook the veggies, but they'll stay nice and crisp.

Serve over the spinach or arugula (if you use it) - delish! Also delish over quinoa. I always have a few warmed whole wheat tortillas for my complex carbs. Delish and rather healthy - great fiber, lean protein, and lots of antioxidants and chlorophyll from the veggies!


Maizie Designs said...

Perfect! My co-worker had chili for lunch yesterday and it smelled wonderful. Now I have a quick recipe to make my own and it will have enough for my own lunch leftover too.
THanks for sharing!

paperhill said...

Sounds yummy! I'll have to give it a try!