Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Holiday Art Shows and Craft Fairs

I'm getting ready to participate in the Renegade Holiday Fair in San Francisco in less than a month (gah!). Many of you are experienced veterans for these events (both as a sellers as well as buyers). Some of you are vendor newbies (like me). I'd love to hear about ideas and tips that work for you as a seller, as well as wish lists and "gosh, I wish vendors would just do THIS" from buyers!

My main tip as a buyer is ... please accept credit cards!  I always have a debit card on me, but rarely cash (and don't like having a lot of cash on me at packed events).

What about you?

Image:  Set of gingerbread ornaments from Inklore on Etsy, $16.00


Tanner Glass said...

I could write a book on this subject.....but I won't! Basically, these are my tips:
1. If you think you need it, bring it.
2. Advil
3. Design a secure, user friendly display (for you and your buyers).
Have fun and let us know how it goes!

Phydeaux Designs said...

Ha, Advil! What a great tip - along with plenty of water! Thank you!!!

idyll hands said...

The Winnie the Pooh in me says to make sure and bring clean, easy to eat snacks. Nothing smelly or messy.

a note pad




things to fix your items if they break (or unravel in your case) - this has only happened once to me, but MAN I wish I had some plyers when it did.

Phydeaux Designs said...

Such a great tip about the snacks. And the pliers! Hmmm, tapestry needle applies in my case, I think? Thank you!

wzgirl said...

A lint roller.

I always bring my sewing kit...which has pretty much anything to fix pretty much anything.

Also, if you are using ProPay - write down the "things" you need to record to process transactions. Maybe I'm just a hyper-spaz, but I always seem to forget ONE thing. So now I have a list on an index card that I tuck in to my receipt pad. It helps...

Renegade......here we come! xoxoxo

Phydeaux Designs said...

Oh my gosh, Wendy, you are brilliant! A lint roller! Yes, I'll probably need more than one. :)

Wouldn't it be wonderful if we end up being Renegade neighbors???