Thursday, December 17, 2009

Caffeine is my friend

Not a coffee or tea drinker, I'm definitely putting away the diet pepsi's today!


Leaves of Glass said...

I know every Brenda at Phydeaux out west/
Is busy now prepping for her craft show fest/
"And she's packing her knitware!" I thought, with a cheer,
"Tomorrow is Renegade! It's practically here!"

That's a little creative license (see "theft") from you to me, my friend. Best wishes for this weekend!

Phydeaux Designs said...

Ha ha! I love it! Thank you, Kateri! :D

I pulled an all nighter Wednesday (argh), so slept a delicious 12 hrs last night, nary a nightmare, woke up with an instant of "dear lord, I only have one day?" immediately followed by "YAY, ONE MORE DAY."

I'm so over the prep! Just want to get on with it. :)

Thank you, thank you!!!!!