Wednesday, December 16, 2009

To do for To day

Wednesday.  Only 1.5 working days left (I'm trying not to have work planned for Friday, to use it for everything I've forgotten).  I enjoyed a lovely sleep in after sewing on buttons like mad all of yesterday, knitting up an order last night, and knitting some more in the very wee hours.

Here's my plan for today:
  1. Feed cats (they told me I'd better put that as #1 on my list - like I'd ever forget to feed them!)
  2. Package orders
  3. Post office
  4. Bank
  5. Sew more buttons on to cowls, neckwarmers, wrist cuffs
  6. Office Depot for glossy paper that will work with my laser printer (the glossy paper I have is printing HORRIBLY - gah), along with some other essentials
  7. Target - mirror(s)
  8. Finish knitting and block another Ivoire
  9. Figure out what I'm wearing this weekend
  10. I need more lint rollers - the kind of with peel off tape/strips - need to figure out where to find them in bulk (dang, why didn't I get my Costco membership set up last week!?)
  11. Pick up stuff for my little ice chest - I'm going to eat cut up veggies and fruit and want lots of cold cold water - also need some power bars, probably Luna (yum)
OY.  I'd best get to it!

Addendum:  Got a lot of my list done!  Only took four hours!  Had to add a new wifi inkjet printer to the list - mine chose to blow up at the worst possible time and my laser printer's automatic page feeder isn't behaving, which is very essential for mass printing!  Off to set up my printer!

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