Wednesday, December 30, 2009

... then and now ...

I'm just realizing that 2009 really is drawing to a close. So odd. One year ago, I would never in my wildest dreams have imagined that I would be where I am right this second.

I'm so grateful to so many who've touched my life this year, as well as my constant anchors.  So many new friends!  I am truly blessed to have you all in my life.

It's so amazing to watch (and experience) the opening of new doors.  Although I wish I'd been more courageous to make my decision to focus on Phydeaux Designs fulltime earlier, I don't regret my decision at all and love using both sides of my brain every day to both create and build/grow a business.

I'm not one of those people who have to be in an office or "go to" work everyday.  I truly love to work at home, surrounded by my kitties (oh, they are SO happily asleep right now, within scratching distance, utter content on their fuzzy faces).  I have a beautiful backyard filled with wildlife to keep us all entertained.  I love working on whatever I want, whenever I want, with complete access to my music, my food and snacks, my books, etc.  And once I get this post-Renegade disaster cleaned and organized, I'll be exponentially more productive.  :)

For the last 20 years, I've been madly intent on my future:  finishing the semester, finishing the degree, applying to grad school, getting that promotion, getting through budget season.  All in my quest to a better life and an early retirement filled with writing and art and creating.  Funny thing is, that lifestyle of getting ahead and never living in the NOW is filled with stress and imbalance.  And a recipe for disaster for someone with an autoimmune disease, which is exacerbated by stress.

Life always comes with deadlines and timelines and other events that require a focus on the future.  But my new adventure also requires me to live in the present.  To literally stop and smell the roses.  Well, if I had roses ... how about stop and smell the lilies (which I have in abundance in my backyard)?

And I'm sure I'll be stressing out on a regular basis, particularly as shows and fairs and new accounts and other events arise.  But, trust me, that kind of stress is next to nothing versus the kind of stress I've lived while working more than fulltime while going to school and also running a business on the side.  Hard to imagine I did that for a day, let alone for months and months!

So, a huge thanks to ALL of you for being part of my adventure this year, and even bigger thanks for continuing to share the adventure as we travel into 2010!  I hope you prosper in your own lives, work and businesses, and that this coming year is full of love, magic and memory.



paperhill said...

how sweet and beautifully written, living in the NOW is so key but often hard to do. i wish you all the best for the upcoming new year! xo susan

heather jane said...

Here's to you, Brenda. Nice to see you slowing down and relishing THIS moment.

All the best in 2010...It's going to be great.

Valerie said...

Best of luck this year.

Goodness I love your kitty photo! What a doll!

Summer said...

Brenda, thank you...for the inspiration and for you being you!

Brenda said...

Aww, thank you all, wonderful friends! xoxo