Monday, January 04, 2010

Back in action!

I've been a little MIA while recovering from err, relaxing during and after the holidays.  But I'm back! 

Be sure to read this week's post on Craft Venture, kicking off a series about shaping up your shop for the New Year.

I'm pretty wiped today after spending 12 hours yesterday moving boxes and furniture around, while madly trashing and recycling stuff.  I hope to have some "after" (there's NO way I'd share "before") pics of my newly organized living room/work area this week!

I have several new designs to share, put up in my shop, and also write up as patterns (knitting testers ... start flexing your fingers!).

I think I'll end up spending the entire month cleaning and organizing.  I am desperate for a peaceful oasis of a bedroom and for a complete redo of my back bedroom, currently a bone yard for lost socks, bins of yarn, boxes of books and music and miscellany, old clothing, stuff, and more stuff.

What are you all doing post holidays to kick off the New Year???

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