Saturday, February 13, 2010

Because everyone needs a day off

File the following under "Things you think you know, but don't, once you work for yourself fulltime"

When you work fulltime for a boss other than yourself, of course you know that you need the weekend off.  Or vacation time.  As much as you love your job and/or profession, you live for that time to spend with family, friends, pets, etc.  Best of all, while you're enjoying your time off, you're accruing another paycheck that you'll receive at the end of the week/payperiod/month.

When you work fulltime for yourself, of course you know that you need time off.  But while you're itty and establishing yourself, time off means zero revenue being generated.  Meaning no paycheck at the end of the week/payperiod/month.

If you're totally focused on preparation for an event that isn't generating revenue now, but will during or after the event (e.g., trade and wholesale shows, big craft shows), you're less able to generate revenue in your main business on the promise of future revenue.  That, combined with working on a scary, huge deadline, makes the idea of time off absolutely ludicrous.

Until today.

Everything that could have gone wrong in my real life went wrong last week, and without going into details, let me assure you that it resulted in not one meltdown but several and a new cycle of insomnia that is absolutely zero fun when you're bone weary.

I've been quiet on the public front, madly working, but not getting anywhere.  A pattern I've been trying to write isn't cooperating, so I finally put it aside earlier this week with plans to return to it this weekend.  I did come up with my brand new exciting idea and I'm really really happy with how it's turning out.  But dang it, I have a big show in just over a week and I'm not ready at all (truly).

SO ... against all reason ... after a sleepless night of the worst nightmares I've had in some time (airplanes falling out of the sky, left and right, and jerking awake each time a piece of one is about to squash me - doesn't take special skills to interpret my frame of mind!) ... I'M TAKING THE DAY OFF.  From EVERYTHING.

Maybe even the whole weekend.

There may or may not be something as wicked as Taco Bell during my Day Off.  I might hobble off for a walk into the bits of sunshine I see valiantly glimmering outside.  I'm even fantasizing about treating myself to pizza.  :)  The sky is the limit!

I expect to return to duty refreshed, recharged, and re-energized.  I might regret my Day Off, but I don't see how, because I've never needed one so desperately as I do right now.

I hope you all enjoy your long weekend off and have wonderful Valentine's Days!


Cottage In The Sun said...

Oh, I truly hope you are able to enjoy your weekend off and return totally revived.
And because I'm sure you missed it, your cowl was front page today!

kathiroussel said...

brenda-- rest and relaxation are so hard to come by-- but also well deserved-- you've been working hard and you can't sustain the energy you need if you overdo it. hope you enjoy your day or days off --guilt free-- and are able to come back feeling refreshed--or at the very least caught up on some sleep!!

Catherine Ivins said...

Enjoy your weekend off Brenda- it is well-earned! When we work at home we are always at work- it is hard to separate- I recently put curtains up to separate my studio from the rest of the house and am (trying) to get those curtains closed at more normal hours!

Brenda said...

Thank you all for your great comments! I was hit with a gazillion new ideas last night after a fab day off, and cranked out a few of them this morning - yay!

Now I'm off to do some yard work - double yay!

Photography Course said...

how cute. the kitten's so cute..