Monday, February 15, 2010

A fresh start


My day off extended into a semi weekend off ... and I loved it!  I was slammed with brand new ideas going into Saturday evening, abandoned the design that just wouldn't work (yay!), and cranked out a small pile of the new ideas, which I can't wait to show you!  I'm still working on finishing details, but should be ready to share by midweek.

I think it helps that the weather has been amazingly and stupendously gorgeous here in California - apologies to the rest of you!  I'm kicked back on my sofa, back glass doors wide open (screen door locked for kitties!) to sunshine, the gentlest of breezes carrying the fragrance of daffodils and calla lilies (I have several of each blossoming in my backyard!), twitterpated squirrels engaged in the dance of early dating (so funny to watch), birds galore enjoying fresh treats (and my new bird feeder courtesy of Kris, pix to follow!) ... life is good.  :)

BTW, I saw cherry blossoms on the drive home from the market today!  I'm going to take a walk tomorrow and share with you photos of early Spring in the San Fran Bay Area/Santa Cruz Mountains.  Le sigh.

I have lots to share with you this week, from Spring (my second favorite season, a hair behind Fall) to wonderful surprises in the mail that made me cry (in a good way) to cupcakes (I'm feeling the baking bug) to artichokes (here's to living next to the Artichoke Capitol of the world) to new designs to my Stitches West set up ... lots and lots of ideas.

Hope you're all enjoying your long weekends!  Spring is just around the corner for us all!


Kim said...

Yea! You can feel the excitement in your post. Sounds like a perfect weekend. Can't wait to see the cherry blossoms!

Waterrose said...

Sounds fantastic. It's beautiful here in PHoenix too...mid 70s! I just love it when inspiration hits!

Fringe said...

What an uplifting post, dear friend! I'm so tickled that you were revitalized with your brief time off. The weather has indeed been glorious - which always brings inspiration, doesn't it?

I look forward to seeing your new pieces...I'm certain they'll be as beautiful as their creator :)


kathiroussel said...

there-- you sound revived, refreshed and raring to go! good going for taking the time you needed brenda. the beautiful weather can only help. have fun creating!

Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Sounds wonderful! Here in Michigan, it is snowy and cold. I love it, but I do look forward to spring for sure! Happy creating! I can't wait to see your newest creations!

Orion Designs said...

Your weekend sounds absolutely perfect ... inspiration, baking, flowers. What else could one need?

Brenda said...

Thank you all for your great comments and wonderful support. :) I'm already paying for the time off today, being a bit behind, but it was SO worth it. I highly recommend it!

And yet another gorgeous day outside. Hoping to spend some time out there tomorrow to enjoy it.