Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bunnies with antlers

Growing up in the High Desert (Eastern Sierra Nevadas), I used to see these postcards in one of the teeny tiny shops on Main Street with "jackalopes" on them.  I was both confused and in awe - the photos looked pretty darn real!


Yes!  Jack rabbits with antlers (antelope, but come on, there aren't antelopes in the Sierras!  so they're most commonly pictured with good old deer antlers.)

There are all sorts of bunnies and as a big fan of cryptozoology, I would be remiss to not include the elusive Jackalope.  And a jackalope from Stitchface is absolutely priceless.

(Disclaimer:  I am the very lucky mama to a Stitchface bunny, which I love beyond belief....)

Teal jackalope - eco friendly plush, by Stitchface, $28


Cottage In The Sun said...

We had those, too! Isn't that bunny cute?!

Summer said...

What an adorable shop!