Monday, March 15, 2010

On keeping busy

After months of insanity - holiday prep, renegade prep, stitches prep - I finally have room to breathe ... and actually found myself a bit bored this weekend.


Seriously, I haven't felt bored in forever!  Who has the time?  Well, apparently I did.  Boredom, for me, is usually part exhaustion, part needing something new to do, part being in a rut, and part ... boredom.

So ... I pulled out some yarn I wasn't going to use for my Phydeaux shop, and started knitting Blythe caps for my Phydelle shop while catching up on my dvr'd TV shows (which were a bit ... boring).  Said caps are now blocking - photos later this week!

I made corned beef ... and hated it (and I loooove corned beef).  This was a seriously fatty piece of corned beef.  I might have to go vegan after insisting on eating several slices anyway.  :(

I went to a liquidation sale at a fabric shop and walked out empty handed.  I console myself with the thought that I would have thought about going to that sale all week if I hadn't wasted the time today to go to that nothing sale.  You ever do that?

I ran a whole list of errands, the topmost of which was to get a new rake and outdoor broom (both of mine were destroyed by The Great Branch Incident of 2009) - and totally forgot to get the rake and broom.

I'm wondering if I'm not bored so much as I am scattered and a bit distracted!

Tomorrow's a new day and I have a new list of things to accomplish, including (yay) new glasses!  Wish me luck.  :)

Here's to a non-boring week all around.


Leaves of Glass said...

oh, yes, i recognize this feeling - nothing is satisfying, nothing quite catches hold. it's an unsettling, adrift feeling, and i get it too after long, intense periods of productivity. here's hoping it passes quickly and you find wonderful rest and renewal in everything! xo

Brenda said...

Yes, yes and yes!!! Are we adrenaline junkies???

Hopefully, this does pass quickly. :) I think it will when I start feeling productive again.


UnaOdd -Lynn said...

A restless dissatisfaction. I feel that way sometimes. Nothing suits, the brain is fuzzy, you feel vaguely emotionally pained.

I usually throw a fit, or do something distracting and physical like yard-work.

Hope it clears up soon!

Brenda said...

Lynn, you are spot on (haha, the yard work, rather than the fit - or maybe the fit, but I'll never confess!) - I spent an hour at home depot, followed by a couple of hours working in the yard. Cleared up mental cobwebs and now I'm ready to get to work!