Monday, March 29, 2010

New for Phydeaux this Spring

What a teaser!  I don't have photos yet!  I'm in the midst of new designs!  But wanted to give you a flavor of what to expect in April.

  1. Lace, lace and more lace!  Rustic, elegant, to wear, for your home.
  2. Maybe ... hopefully ... an actual garment!  I'm working up several ideas.  Think rustic romance:  old Victorian meets French countryside.
  3. Super early Fall designs (since our friends in the Southern Hemisphere are just starting their Fall!).
  4. The break out of home decor and art (yes!!!  art!!!  my true love!!!) from my Phydeaux shop into a brand new shop, Chez Phydeaux.
  5. And a couple of great surprises that you'll just have to wait to hear about.
My computer is nearly 100% again (still reinstalling programs) - once it is, I'll have photo capability again (I spent several hours today getting Photoshop reinstalled ... what a headache!).

Here's wishing you all a gorgeous Spring week!

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hometown girl said...

how exciting! congrats! have a nice weekend! suz