Friday, April 02, 2010

Where did this week go?

WOW, it's  Friday already???

I used to wake up on Fridays and think, "TGIF!"  (The weekend kickoff tune for anyone who has a day job.)

Now I wake up and think, "Yikes!"  Because I never feel like I accomplished as much as I set out to when the week started!

I've been working working working on prototypes for a new idea/venture, but not over the top happy with anything yet.  so I don't feel particularly productive this week, although, in the vein of Thomas Edison, at least I've identified a gazillion designs that aren't working for this idea.  :)

I've been overhauling my shop behind the scenes, resulting in some subtle, as well as major, price adjustments (mostly in your favor, yay!).

I just need to add buttons to several new cowls and lace neckwarmers - why does that always take me so long to do (note to self:  first employee for future Phydeaux Designs will be someone to sew on buttons!)???

OH yeah, and I got to meet several wonderful Etsy sellers this week at Modern Mouse in Alameda!  Whee!

I finally successfully installed photoshop on my new operating system, so photos this weekend!

And I'm keeping a concerned eye on my Fiona kitty.  We don't really know how old she is, having been a homeless mama kitty before we found each other at my local shelter.  My vet thought she was a year and a half to two years old, and that was (gasp) five six years ago.  I only know she lived a hard life on the streets (or culvert pipes or fields or ...), which has aged her a little more quickly than I'd like.  So, she's at least eight (time to think about geriatric kitty food for her), but I'm now thinking she may be older than that.  When she jumps, she has to stand still for a few minutes and let everything settle.  She seems careful of her hips.  Sometimes she seems a little frail.  And then she rips around the entire house like a bat out of you know what every night around 11pm, like clockwork.  :)  So who knows ... she's such a lover (sometimes annoyingly so with so much love to give) and would spend every minute of the rest of her life glued to my chest (pinning down at least one arm, of course) given the opportunity.  Snuggling is always on her terms.  (Guess where she is laying right now ... yep, chest with one arm pinned down ...)

This weekend will include a wonderful Easter/birthday lunch with dear friends, working, cleaning, photos, listing new goodies, and maybe MAYBE some nice Spring weather (please?). It's been chilly and wet all week, which yes, is a good thing in drought-ridden California, but I could sure use one day of nice weather.

Happy Easter!

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