Wednesday, March 24, 2010

New photos!

Yay!  My new dress form has arrived!

Yes, yes, it looks identical to my old dress form ... minus the claw marks and broken finial (THANK you, Molly!), frayed edges (vintage charm), and a ripped shoulder (oops).

It wasn't by coincidence that my dress form became so integral to my branding via my photos - you can usually tell a photo of mine in Etsy right away thanks to this and I put a lot of research into finding just the right form for me.  My heart broke when they were on back order for months!

I've been taking photos anyway, first trying to cleverly hide the broken finial, then giving up and just cropping the broken part out if possible.

But now I can retake all of my photos (oh joy!) with my pretty new form.  Which will remain safely locked away from my leaping lizard kitty who thinks that the sole purpose for anything covered in fabric is for claw sharpening.  For her.


Leaves of Glass said...

hooray! how satisfying to be able to take your photos exactly as you like again :)

Brenda said...

Yes indeed! Now for the actual taking of said photos ....