Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well, there you go

I did a massive number on my big toe this weekend.


Makes me a little woozy to think about, which I have to do all day long as I carefully navigate my house to avoid doing even more massive numbers to my toe.

I won't go into all the boring and ugly details, but the bottom line is that I'll be losing the nail from my right big toe.  I was  pretty happy to have never lost a finger or toe nail before, but there you go!

Because I haven't lost it yet (I might need a doctor's help along those lines), I'm taking it as easy as possible, avoiding bearing weight, driving, walking, etc.  (Good thing Safeway delivers!)

So, I'll have to continue building up to the big surprise/news for Phydeaux - as soon as I'm able to, I'll do the big reveal!

Hope you're all having great weeks!


wzgirl said...

Oh your poor tootsies....xo

heather jane said...

Um...I'd say your feet have some sort of vendetta against you. You have really bad luck with toes.

Now to make you smile I shall reveal the information of a photo I recently had the pleasure of viewing. In the photo (2) I saw you and The Mail Man about...oh...20 years ago. He looked like he always does when he's been drinking way too much. Now lets see if I can work this scanner thing...Since that might take awhile I'll allow you to reflect. No worries. I won't do anything crazy with these photos.

Are you smiling?

Thought so.

Brenda said...

Ha!!! I have a few of those photos myself - I'll have to send you the one I most recently saw - you'll get a great laugh!

20 years ago!? Sigh. How time flies. :)

Summer said...

Oh goodness, Brenda...you might have to start wearing steel-toed shoes (and slippers). :)

I hope it feels better!

Brenda said...

Steel toed slippers! There's an idea! :P