Thursday, March 04, 2010

Seven things

My wonderful friend, Kateri, fellow lover of literature and super talented jewelry designer, recently tagged me to share seven things not know about me. I'm so sorry it took me so long to do so (cough, *stitches west*, cough), but here we go, and hopefully these are all good surprises about me!
  1. I really love The Fifth Element and have watched it about a gazillion times (I'm watching it as I type this!).  Great cast.  Love the rich, saturated colors. Quirky, weird humor.  Sci fi.  What isn't to love!?
  2. I have never, ever, watched Dancing with the Stars ... and don't have plans to start!
  3. I see double - two of everything - because of an inability to focus like everyone else.  Neither glasses nor contacts have corrected it and after more than 40 years of living with it, I rarely even notice it.  Unless I'm at the movies with someone really tall in front of me, then it's highly annoying.
  4. I love kitties.  Hee hee, just checking to see if you're paying attention.  :D
  5. The real # 4:  Other than denim, I never wear blue.  I do wear green/blues (turquoise, aqua, teal), but navy and royal and the other blues just look awful on me.  Washes me completely out.
  6. Something I didn't know until just now!  My #1 most played song in itunes is Les Jours Triste (from the Amelie soundtrack - I do love that soundtrack, as well as the movie!).
  7. I had two favorite drinks as a kid:  cactus cooler and my grandparents homemade grape juice.  Weird, huh?  I very fondly remember both from my grandparents.  Grandpa used to get the grape juice from a big barn behind their house (or maybe it was hootch, but I highly doubt it!).  And Cactus Cooler - wow, I haven't heard or seen of that in years!  It's a mix of orange and pineapple, which I did not know until just this very minute.  (BTW, I still love concord grape juice - soooo good.)
  8. Hmmm ... this is tough!  OK, I think this one is unknown.  One of my very very favorite songs, with guaranteed tears every single time I listen to it, is The Last Supper by Cindy Morgan (from The Loving Kind).  Whether or not you appreciate the perhaps obvious Christian message, I'm overcome with emotion with every hearing thinking about those who've gone on before me:  my much loved and immensely missed grandparents, brother, relatives, friends, and fuzzy family, and thinking of my eventual reunion with all.  Of course, I'm listening to it as I type, wiping away tears.  :)
There you have it!  Rather than tag specific folks, I want everyone to play!  So please please share in the comments something we don't know about you!  Extra points for humor or originality or sentimental value.

Hope you're all having a great Thursday!  Project Runway tonight!


Kim said...

What a wonderful list! I love getting to know my fellow unravellers better. I am not familiar with the song in #8 - I will need to check that out. I always like a good cry. xoxo

wzgirl said...

I remember the Flintstones drinking Cactus Cooler - had to go look it up: Haha!

I'll share a funny thing about me. My favorite time of day is 5:55. Its my lucky number. When I catch it, I make a

Fringe said...

Now there are 7 new things to love about you, dear friend :)...

Cactus Cooler is still alive in my household. It's an extra special treat for the boy. It's always his first choice for pop, but sometimes it's not in stock. Too funny!

Something about the combination of Grandpa and hootch cracks me up to no end...

and I've never watched Dancing With the Stars either. Never will, unless of course, Daniel Craig is one of the competitors....

Thank you for sharing yourself with us, sweet B!


Leaves of Glass said...

now that's a good list! hooray for seven things, and thanks - i think you're wonderful, too. xo

Brenda said...

5:55 is a great lucky number, Wendy! :D

Cactus Cooler is a southern California thing, I learned last night thanks to Google. Where I grew up is considered part of So Cal, even though it's more mid Cal. :) It's definitely not available in the Bay Area! I suppose I could make my own with oj/pineapple juice/7-up or mineral water ...

Dennice, don't tempt the fates by mentioning Daniel Craig and you know what in the same sentence! :P

Thank YOU, Kateri, and I'm just sorry I was slow to responding! xo

MyBluePeacock said...

I absolutely love Fifth Element too! My daugher finally bought me the DVD for Christmas two years ago. Love your list!

Sharon said...

Cactus Cooler sounds great. Wish we had some in Portland. Oh, but the whole seeing double thing-yikes!

(I'm a dancer and so I LOVE watching dancing with the stars and even more--watching So You Think You Can Dance. Super choreography on that one!)

Brenda said...

Another 5th Element fan! We must be soul sisters, Melissa. :)

Sharon, you are a woman of many talents! My Mom loooooves that show - she's always loved watching ballroom dancing, so it makes it really fun for her. I don't have any talent in that arena - and feel klutzy just watching dancing! :D