Thursday, May 20, 2010

What is up with this?

Every . day . this . week .

Dragged from my nice, warm, soft, cocoon of a bed by two insistent fuzzy bodies equipped with 20 claws each. At the crack of dawn (which for me is around 8 a.m.).


All I can think is that with Summer solstice's approach, the poor wee babes are STARVING after waking up with the true crack of dawn (6ish? 7ish?).

I try not to trip and break my neck while opening food and changing water out. Open the sliding glass door for them (screen door secured). And by then ... what's the point of trying to go back to bed?

But here's the kicker ... those brats then proceed to sleep until dinnertime.

Fiona galavants about all day, taking regular naps. Molly sleeps like a ROCK from an hour after eating to an hour before eating. So, today I kept waking her up to play (she's the main instigator behind the dragging me from bed every morning). I'll torture her tonight with more playing. And HOPE I'll get another half hour of sleep tomorrow morning.

Paws crossed!

(p.s., I know this image of Fiona yawning is a bit old ... but it's just perfect ... and makes me smile)

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