Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Journey to remarkable

My business management experience is largely in healthcare, more specifically in academic healthcare.

Totally different animal from online tiny business management.

The basics are all the same: budgeting, time management, efficiency, effectiveness, quality, production management, project management, etc.

But hospitals and other healthcare organizations are bureaucracies, ruled by red tape, regulations, chain of command, rules, policies. Doing anything that deviates from the norm - the middle - is viewed with suspicion and skepticism.

So add an academic setting, particularly a University, particularly one in the top 10 world wide, and you now have uber bureaucracy.

My degree is in organizational behavior. I learned a great deal from the program, as well as my classmates, about working out in the real world. Or as real as it gets in the Silicon Valley, where start ups and high tech rule.

All of this was extremely helpful in starting my own business; however, as I headed into the next level of growth, I realized how little I knew.

So, I started reading. Blogs. More blogs. Books (listening as well as reading). I've added an entire shelf of new books to my biz library. And am utilizing another shelf for my library books on related subjects.

I have struggled and struggled to understand concepts about online business management and marketing. And am now starting to "get it."


I'd love to share some of what I've learned with you all and would love to learn and grow alongside of you. So, I'll be starting a series on my blog about remarkable businesses.

Why remarkable?

Come back tomorrow and I'll tell you.  :)

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Catherine Ivins said...

I can't wait Brenda- I always learn something here!

Brenda said...

And vice versa!!! Thanks, Cat! xo