Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Five years of blogging

Five years ago in August, I started (at Kris' urging) to blog.

Five years!

A lot happens in five years.

I started and withdrew from grad school ... twice.

But finished my undergrad degree - what a huge accomplishment, on top of a much more than fulltime job!

Molly was still a baby (kind of, but as you know, she'll always be the baby).  Fiona was just starting to come into her own and lose her constant fear (no idea what kind of horrors she lived before joining the family).

I didn't even know about a site called Etsy in 2005.

But boy, was I having fun shopping on ebay!

I totally and completely did not get this whole "blogging" thing.

Then found this blog and (a) fell in love, (b) "got" it and (c) started to see possibilities for myself.

Followed by this, that and the other one (yes, Shana, I was reading your blog five years ago - THEN discovered it all again when I got to know you on Etsy!).

So, I have an anniversary coming up!  I'm planning all sorts of festivities.

You definitely won't want to miss out!

(That photo of Molly up there is from August 2005 - same month I started blogging - and served as my online avatar for just about everything for several years)


shana said...

really? you were reading my blog 5 years ago? i feel like there were only 2 people reading it back then and i was related to them both... what a nice surprise!

here's to 5 more years!


Brenda said...

Yes! I don't remember how I ran into it. I was a big lurker way back then. :P